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Unlocking Comfort, Promoting Independence: Osteopathy for seniors

Seniors need additional ongoing care since, in addition to any adult-specific illnesses, they also have age-related problems like osteoporosis or sarcopenia (muscle loss), etc. The osteopaths at Prime Health Hub have experience treating old patients and working in aged care institutions. They are better equipped to comprehend and handle the senior’s needs. All the osteopathic doctors at Prime Health Hub have postgraduate degrees and are a special interest in craniosacral and biodynamic osteopathic techniques. In contrast to massage, articulation, or fast motions like HVLA in situations involving musculoskeletal issues, we use gentle treatment and balancing approaches when necessary in acute conditions.

Sadly, we all develop some wrinkles and grey hair over the years. Our muscles, bones, joints, and supporting tissues all change as we age, which is natural. It is not a given that growing older will cause pain or stiffness to worsen. However, if this becomes an issue, many patients discover that osteopathic treatments and guidance can help with any GP care and medication that may have been prescribed.

Here are some general tips to follow as you age:

The following healthy advice will help you stay active and ensure that you can continue living your current lifestyle as you get older and experience a few aches and pains:

A little more than two hours of activity per week, broken up into sessions of ten minutes or longer (enough to raise your body temperature and make it slightly difficult for you to breathe while still being able to talk), will help lower your risk of circulation issues and falls. You will feel happier and more confident as a result. This could involve dancing or walking activities.

The obvious is to ensure you’re eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Drink two liters of water each day.

As you age, try some balance exercises (like yoga) twice a week to help lower your chance of falling, especially if you are over 65. Include workouts that work your arms, legs, and body.

When walking for longer lengths of time, the use of trainers or other comparable footwear can help absorb shocks and relieve pressure on your knees, hips, and spine.

A short break can help you regain energy for the remaining activities of the day.

How can your osteopathic practitioner help?

Aches and pains are not something you have to put up with because you are getting older. In fact, a lot of people discover that talking to us about staying active, avoiding issues like falls, and managing illnesses like osteoarthritis, rheumatic pain, and osteoporosis is helpful. The type of osteopathic care you receive will depend on your age, degree of fitness, and diagnosis because it focuses on your unique patient needs. We employ a wide variety of gentle hands-on techniques, emphasising relaxing muscles, stretching joints, and releasing tension.

Book an appointment or contact us to discover how our Doctors of Osteopathic medicine can help improve your health with a wholistic approach.

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