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Osteopathy for Children

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Cultivating Balance, Inspiring Growth: Osteopathy for Children’s Health

Young children visit us with a variety of conditions related to childhood; they walk around, but this doesn’t stop us from working on them; we have a variety of toys and books to keep them occupied; and we have expertise in how to make the most of any scenario.

Why should I bring my toddler and older kids to an osteopath?

Musculoskeletal treatments used by osteopaths can assist with:

  • Immune system boosting
  • Asthma
  • Recurrent ENT conditions (ear, nose, and sinus infections)
  • Behavioral and learning challenges
  • After serious falls or injuries to the head or tailbone, it is very helpful to release tissue strains and stop compensatory postural changes.
  • The beginning of puberty can make trauma from birth and childhood worse, leading to structural or functional issues including scoliosis, migraines, or trouble focusing.
  • Injuries and imbalances can also result from playing video games, participating in sports, and carrying bulky schoolbags.

What happens during a Visit to an Osteopath?

The initial appointment for your child will last an hour. We will take a thorough case history, inquiring about your worries, the pregnancy and birth history, the child’s health history, and your family’s medical background.

Then we will gently examine your child, paying attention to all of their joints and muscles.

Then, in order to allow the child to continue its optimum development and prevent future malfunctions, we treat as necessary by gently resolving areas of stress.

Your GP or a pediatrician may be referred to by our osteopath in specific circumstances if you require additional testing or care.

What Should I Expect Following a Session?

The therapy corrects several bodily dysfunctions, and your youngster must then adjust to his new equilibrium.

Your child will be tired after the session. Every child will respond separately.

After their session, some children will feel extremely drowsy, while others will be active, have their transit interrupted for a few days, or feel hungry.

When the child has fully recovered from the treatment, which usually takes 1-3 days, their behavior will return to normal.

The outcome may be revealed right away or after a few days of the session.

Book an appointment or contact us to discover how our Doctors of Osteopathic medicine can help improve your health with a wholistic approach.

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