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Osteopathy for All Ages and Stages of Life

All practitioners have versatile expertise, which enables us to treat the most delicate and valuable members of your family, including babies and the elderly population. We enjoy treating all age groups, including children, teenagers, and pregnant women too. Our Osteopaths have experience treating patients as young as 9 days old and as old as 106 years old.

We have advanced, sophisticated treatment tables that are adjustable and easy to change the height by an electric motor to the desired level needed for the particular action and comfort of the patient.

Our clinic is on the ground floor, just one step high, with a ramp to reach inside; access to the clinic is easy for wheelchairs, prams, strollers, and crutches.

Osteopathy for Babies and Children

Babies with a difficult birth process may create strain patterns that cause the baby to experience pain or discomfort. One example is that a baby is looking at one side for various reasons and may be suffering from certain strained muscles. Sometimes the shape of the head becomes a matter of concern for their parents. Feeding difficulties are experienced by the baby and noticed by the mother. Sometimes due to the activity, they encounter falls, and after bumps and falls, they can have lingering strain for a long time. Our Osteopaths are trained to recognize developmental milestones in babies and children. Thus osteopaths may facilitate the smooth growth and development of babies and children and help them reach healthy adulthood.

Osteopathy for Adults & Teenagers

In this age group, we encounter mostly musculoskeletal problems. These conditions sometimes need manipulative treatment. We are Australian university-trained osteopaths and are better equipped with knowledge and skills in delivering manipulative techniques. If the patient has significant pain and inflamed body areas, It is beneficial to seek early treatment to avoid chronic issues. It will help to reduce the recovery time and improve the quality of life. We use gentle and indirect approaches, So we don’t need to massage or push on the sore spots, do not need to move you around much, and will work together according to your comfort. Teenagers may experience growth-related problems like scoliosis or knee issues. Sometimes heavy school bags can become a reason for postural strains and headaches. Certain commonly encountered conditions in our clinic include ankle sprain or growing pain, which can cause long-term strains and can aggravate if neglected. Sometimes parents observe a limp experienced by a child even though there is no obvious reason. Osteopaths help to restore normal gait and prevent aggravation of conditions. We also treat sports injuries for adults and teenagers.

Women’s health and Pregnancy

Pregnant women experience aches and pains during pregnancy mainly due to postural reasons. These should not be neglected. These strains usually occur in the pelvis, groin, lower back, neck, and rib cage. And, many times, expecting mum may also experience headaches and neck pain.
In all those conditions, specialized gentle and craniosacral techniques help relieve musculoskeletal issues without spinal manipulations or twisting. The practitioner will tailor the treatment regime according to your comfort and need.

Osteopathy for Senior or Elderly Group

Besides all conditions peculiar to adults, seniors have different age-related issues such as osteoporosis or sarcopenia (Muscle loss) etc., and seniors need extra ongoing care. Our osteopaths worked in aged care facilities, and they have experience treating clients as old as 106 years old. It enables them to understand and manage the senior’s requirements effectively.All osteopaths of prime health hub are postgraduates in osteopathy and are experts in craniosacral osteopathy and biodynamic osteopathy. If needed, we use gentle treatment and balancing techniques in acute conditions, unlike massage, articulation, or quick movements like HVLA in musculoskeletal disorders.

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