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Head Neck and Jaw Pain Taringa, QLD

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Head, Neck and Jaw Pain Taringa, QLD

Although there are many causes of head, neck, and jaw pain, these are typically musculoskeletal in nature. This could be the result of arthritis, jaw, head, or neck injuries, or teeth grinding. Jaw pain, headaches, earaches, restricted mouth movement, and clicking, popping, or locking of the jaw are possible symptoms of head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD. Moreover, there could be pain in the back, neck, shoulder, or face.

Causes of neck pain

Muscle spasms and tension, which are usually caused by poor posture or repetitive strain from activities like sitting at a computer all day, are typical sources of pain. Very intense pain may cause a “wry neck,” which restricts neck and head movement and causes significant pain. Count on Prime Health Hub to address head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD.

Small neck joints make children vulnerable to a variety of injuries, including whiplash from a car accident. After a traumatic incident, such as a head knock or a car accident, the neck’s joints and muscles are susceptible to injury since the head is so heavy and requires a lot of work to maintain upright and moving.

Another type of neck pain associated with tingling and pain in the arm and hand is nerve impingement. The three most common causes of this are bone spurs associated with arthritis, disc injuries that press on the nerve, and joint sprains that create edema around the nerve.

A common cause of arthritis, which can contribute to neck pain, is neck wear and strain, which causes inflammation in the intervertebral discs or joints.

Neck pain caused by fibromyalgia or particular types of joint arthritis may be due to an autoimmune illness.

Causes of Headaches and Migraines

Some of the causes include head injuries, exhaustion, stress, dehydration, sinusitis, dental and eye issues, sensitivity to particular foods and drinks, dehydration, sinusitis, colds, and viruses.

Headaches and migraines are frequently brought on by muscle or joint tension in the upper back and neck. Osteopaths at Prime Health Hub can help you with your head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD. Shoulders, upper backs, and necks are often tensed. Many people have higher levels of muscle tension in their neck, shoulders, and upper back as a result of the stress of modern living. For certain people, this can result in a headache with cervicogenic causes. Headaches in the neck region often develop in these cases. Contact Prime Health Hub to manage head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD.

Causes of jaw pain

The musculoskeletal origins of jaw pain, which can have a number of causes, can be treated with help from osteopaths. The jaw muscles can develop into either tight or weak ones. This is usually associated with neck pain and teeth grinding brought on by stress and anxiety.

The disc inside the joint, which occasionally clicks when it isn’t positioned correctly, is to blame.

The interior of the jaw joint may become dysfunctional due to wear and strain, which can result in clicking and locking. Trauma to the head or face can also cause jaw pain.

One of the negative effects of dental work is jaw pain, which can be triggered by holding your mouth open for a long time. Dental traumas that can cause asymmetry in the face, jaw, and upper neck include root canals, tooth extractions, and other methods. Braces and orthodontic work may result in jaw pain since the face and head must adjust to changes in order to correct the teeth when they are changed.

Ear infections, toothaches, headaches, trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain in the face), sinusitis, and sinus congestion are other reasons for jaw pain. Contact Prime Health Hub if you’re experiencing head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD.

Why choose an osteopathic practitioner?

Because they address headaches and migraines, neck pain, and jaw pain holistically, osteopaths can be an option for other manual therapists such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. They take a holistic approach and look for any other areas that can be contributing to your head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD. The biomechanical effects of various body parts, including the jaw, neck, mouth, and upper back, on headaches and migraines are examined by osteopaths.

This whole-body strategy allows the osteopath to be more successful in eliminating head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD, and promoting mobility. Osteopaths can cure both acute and chronic pain by gently treating the areas without the use of forceful manipulation.

If you need relief from head, neck, and jaw pain in Taringa, QLD, count on Prime Health Hub. Get in touch with us today.

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