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Back Pain Treatment Taringa, QLD

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Back Pain Treatment Taringa, QLD

There are many different causes of back pain. Inflamed joints or muscles in the spine or pelvis are often the cause. It may have occurred as a result of an injury or a functional change brought on by recurrent strains or sprains of the spine, hips, or pelvis over the years.

Our lower neck and upper back often feel painful, and it can spread to one or both of our shoulders. In addition, pain can be felt along one or both sides of the upper spine and in the space between the shoulder blades. We can also have upper back pain in the region between our shoulder blades on one or both sides.

Moreover, pain from the upper thoracic region can spread to the neck, arm, shoulder, or both. Some patients can also get cervicogenic headaches, which are brought on by tension in the muscles of the upper back.

Causes of lower and upper back pain

Lower back pain can result from arthritis or a disc injury in the spine, both of which can cause swelling around the nerves and cause back pain, sciatica, or tingling and numbness in the legs.

The osteopaths at the Prime Health Hub provide back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD, that is caused by musculoskeletal reasons.

Tight upper back muscles, which are accompanied by stress and dysfunction in the upper spine, are the most common cause of pain. Rib cage tension can also be another cause, which affects how the ribs move in relation to the spine, the back muscles, and the space between the ribs.

Shoulder dysfunction, which includes how your shoulder blade and collarbone function, can result in upper back pain.

As a result of poor compensation in the mid- and upper-back regions, neck and lower-back dysfunction can also be related to upper-back pain.

Digestion issues and diaphragm tension are other indirect causes of upper thoracic pain.

The most frequent causes of muscle and spine tension in the upper back include car accidents, poor posture, and repetitive strain injuries.

In addition to leading to upper back pain, respiratory issues including asthma and chronic coughing can also lead to rib tension. Even though they are not trained to handle the acute symptoms of a breathing disorder, the osteopaths at Prime Health Hub can assist with the rib and muscle stress that can result from it.

Lower and Upper Back Pain Assessment

At Prime Health Hub, our osteopath’s goal is to assist you in regaining normal or improved movement and function, as well as to lessen or completely eliminate your pain with back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD.

In order to check whether there have been any prior injuries, repetitive strains, diseases, surgeries, or emotional stress that may have an impact on the biomechanics of the shoulder, spine, pelvis, and hips, the osteopath will gather a detailed case history before back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD.

The evaluation of your back pain follows a complete osteopathic examination. Osteopaths begin by checking the spine’s joints, muscles, and painful or tense areas. This will make it easier to spot any abnormalities or misalignments in the body’s biomechanics, as well as inflamed joints or muscles, during back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD.

Because of the whole-body, or holistic, approach that osteopaths use, they also evaluate other body parts to determine if they are contributing to spinal dysfunction. This involves observing how the pelvis and spine (your hips and tailbone), the spine and the leg, as well as your upper body portion, cooperate with the movement of your spine.

For instance, the hip and spine may compensate for a knee problem, causing pain and strain in the spine.

Treatment of lower back pain using osteopathic medicine

Osteopathic medicine is an effective way to treat lower and upper back pain. The osteopaths at Prime Health Hub have years of experience providing back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD.

Those with severe pain can withstand our extremely gentle approach quite well. Whether a patient has a chronic, long-term issue or is dealing with an acute, severe pain condition, they are brought to a balance point to help prevent worsening their pain. The patient who undergoes back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD, feels very relaxed and only needs to move a little.

Our osteopath will treat your spine while simultaneously concentrating on other body areas that are causing your spine’s compensating problems during back pain treatment in Taringa, QLD.

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